Introducing the Next Revolution in Commercial Cooking

With Six Campus Locations at NOVA and 62,000
Students, We Need Ovens That Are Fast and Flexible!

That’s why John Hus, president of Euro Cafe, insists on
Ovention® Matchbox® Ovens

With six locations at four campuses of Northern Virginia Community College, and dozens of other sites all around the country, Euro Cafes are fast-paced, busy operations. Speed, variety and food quality are essential. Euro Cafes are going with Ovention Matchbox ovens.

“The Matchbox is performing very well,” says Euro Cafe president John Hus. “After experiencing it now, we’re insisting on it for our licensees. It’s compact, hoodless, fast. The machine is great.”

Euro Cafe is using the countertop, accelerated-cooking Matchbox oven for paninis, pizza, steak and cheese, even frozen precooked hamburgers, Hus says.

In addition, Matchbox ovens can go seamlessly from breakfast sandwiches to grilled vegetables, to hotdogs, chicken, flatbreads, even cookies.