Revolutionary Ovens

Ovention Matchbox® M360

Cook a full menu better, faster and easier. The Ovention Matchbox M360 has advanced cooking technology, a unique cooking carousel and a small footprint, making it the perfect fit for any operation

The Ovention Matchbox M360 features the latest technology for a one-of-a-kind cooking experience that’s great for high volume. Precision Impingement controls time, temperature and independent blower speeds for every item you cook, without the need for ventilation. With up to 600 pre-programmed cook settings, you can stage the entire process for superior quality, without a microwave.

FlexTemp also lets you increase or decrease temperature by 25°F from one item to the next. And an intuitive one-touch display loads and unloads two cooking surfaces at the tap of a touchpad to prevent overcooking. The closed cavity holds moisture and maintains food integrity, along with a 30% higher yield. It’s also one-third more energy efficient than traditional countertop conveyors, with less heat produced in the kitchen.