About Ovention, Inc.

Making Delicious the Right Way

At Ovention, we believe how you cook is just as important as what you cook. Today’s patrons demand real, fresh-prepared foods, increasing the need for smart, cost-effective ways to deliver more delicious in less time. Let our innovative ovens work for you.


Backed by a legacy of integrity, one of the most prolific inventors in the appliance industry, Phil McKee, founded Ovention in early 2011. His creative energy and pioneering spirit inspired him to craft the revolutionary next generation of commercial ovens. In July 2013, Ovention was acquired by customer service award-winning company Hatco®.

A care for customers combined with the reliability of our innovative Precision Impingement® technology, continues to raise the bar in traditional cooking. Today we have over 2,500 ovens in the field across all segments, making delicious the right way. From authentic flatbread and roasted vegetables to perfect paninis and gooey brownies, Ovention continues to commit to improving the culinary creativity and bottom line of our customers.



Ovention is a company driven by award-winning innovation, integrity and an intense desire to solve problems that others walk away from. That spirit of innovation has produced a series of ovens which meet the real-world needs of commercial operators.


Ovention makes quality personal. As a made-in-the-USA, operator-focused company relentlessly seeking improvement, we are sensitive to the needs of your operation and committed to helping you improve the food your guests love. From culinary quality and creativity to the range of foods which you serve, we love to help you serve better food faster. With 24/7/365 service, our trusted team of experts are ready to help your operation meet any need you might face, so you can keep making a full menu of freshly prepared goodness.