Operator Testimonials

Hear from Industry Leaders

We could tell you all about the amazing technology and culinary inspiration our ovens deliver – but we’ll let our satisfied customers do the talking. Download each PDF for the full story from industry experts.

Even Stevens Sandwiches

“Ovention has given us universal utility.
It is the heart of our kitchen.”
Michael McHenry, COO, Even Stevens

Montgomery Inn Boathouse

“It puts out great products. It never ceases to amaze us.”
Dean Gregory, Vice President, Montgomery Inn Boathouse


“Without the Ovention Conveyor, we couldn’t craft our pizza.”

–Chris Antinucci, Owner and Operator, NaPizza

Tippecanoe School Corp

“The thing we found the most exciting about the oven is that anyone can run it. It’s the same quality product every time you make an item. It’s all preprogrammed, and there’s no guesswork… It’s been worth its weight in gold.”
– Lori Shofroth, Director of Dining Services, Tippecanoe School Corporation

University of New Hampshire

“I saw it cooking so many different types of products… and it’s amazing!”
– Chef Chris Kaschek, Executive Chef, Holloway Commons, University of New Hampshire