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Easy Does It: Strategies for Stress-Free C-Store Equipment Rollouts

Easy Does It: Strategies for Stress-Free C-Store Equipment Rollouts

February 11, 2020
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Ever find yourself putting the brakes on new equipment purchases you know you need? Is it partly because you’re not entirely sure how your staff will react? Specifically, do you worry about the time and effort it might take to get them fully on board with whatever decision you make? 

If so, you’re not alone. Change is never easy, but there are several practical strategies for getting your employees as excited as you are about an equipment upgrade. 

Strategy #1: Include employees in the process

While your staff likely won’t have final say, they are uniquely positioned to provide valuable input. They’re familiar with what works the way it should and which equipment is more trouble than it’s worth. Soliciting their opinions about their specific needs and concerns is a great way to get buy-in before the equipment arrives. 

You can do this several ways. It could be as simple as talking to supervisors to see what they’re thinking. Or you might also consider casting the net a little wider by doing a simple online survey that would include all employees who might eventually be using the equipment.

Strategy #2: Invest in no-brainers 

Not all equipment is created equal. You know it and so do your employees. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to learn this the hard way after making a purchase. Before investing, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Is the equipment built to endure the rigors of real-world applications?
  • Will the features being promoted save actual time and reduce unnecessary work for your employees? 
  • Have buttons, knobs or other gadgetry been added for their own sake without offering true innovation?

Take ovens as an example. While some have complex settings that only create confusion when employees try to use them, others have features that make life easier, such as automatic loading and unloading to eliminate extra steps in the cooking process and make a new equipment rollout more stress-free.

Strategy #3: Incentivize training

Once you’ve made a purchase decision, it’s time to rally the troops and generate some “this is gonna be great” enthusiasm for everything it has to offer. 

Consider holding a contest during training where everyone who can answer a few simple questions about the equipment’s features and proper use wins a prize. 

You’ll also want to document whatever training you do. By empowering employees to find what they need on their own, you can eliminate even more stress from new foodservice equipment rollouts.

The right new equipment has much to offer your c-store. Getting staff on board and excited can pay dividends both immediately and over the long run. Whether you need to prioritize exactly what you need or clear any remaining hurdles, we’re ready and eager to help.

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