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How C-Stores Can Get a Quick ‘Win-Win’ With Waste

How Convenience Stores Can Get a Quick ‘Win-Win’ With Waste

August 12, 2019
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Who doesn’t love a quick win? But why settle for just one? Wouldn’t it be twice as nice to double those successes with a win-win that’s fast, simple and convenient?

By reducing the number of disposables in your convenience stores, you’ll not only avoid the significant costs — and unnecessary hassle — of excess waste, but you’ll also stay in step with some of the customer trends your patrons care about most.

Win #1: Lower waste disposal costs.

Anyone who sells food knows that the impact of waste on the bottom line is an ongoing and expensive challenge. With more trash, comes added labor and higher disposal costs. Therefore, there’s a lot to lose — and much to gain — by assessing where things currently stand, and then identifying practical ways to lower your waste production. Common steps taken include:

  • Conduct a waste audit, including your recycling program, to determine where efficiencies can be found.
  • Find vendors who use pallets, crates or reusable shipping containers to minimize packaging coming through your doors.
  • Consider fresher food options prepared in your stores that haven’t been subject to over-processing or over-packaging.
  • Compact trash and encourage employees not to toss half-empty bags of garbage.
  • Donate extra, unsold food to a local food pantry.

Win #2: Stay on trend.

Ready for another huge win you can achieve by minimizing waste in your stores? Customers will appreciate your willingness and efforts to embrace two of today’s most important customer trends: environmental awareness and a move toward fresh menu choices. And, as a result, they may even show their gratitude by purchasing more of the flavorful options you have to offer!

Customers have become increasingly aware of how everything they do, and each choice they make throughout the day, has a direct impact on the planet. Even when they’re looking for fast, convenient food options, they want to have some assurance that they’re making sustainable, eco-friendly choices.

But that’s only one of the trends you can address by making a concerted effort to cut back on as many disposables as possible. Customers also have a desire for fresher foods. They’re tired of shelf-stable options that taste, well, like shelf-stable options closing in on their expiration dates.

Offering fresher food in-store — while keeping a close eye on the overall environmental impact — is a great way to deliver on the trends that are most important to your customers.

From egg souffles to quinoa bowls to, yes, pizza.

You could prepare food onsite with grills, fryers and convection ovens, but you’re likely to end up with a lot of wasted food. Instead, consider an oven from Ovention. Thanks to their precise cooking power, you can deliver the options your customers crave without the risk (and waste) of improperly cooked or burnt food. 

Plus, given their versatility, you can offer everything from flavorful, mouth-watering pizzas with fresh-dough crusts to popular breakfast, lunch and dinner bowls to omelets and frittatas. After all, there’s no reason why you can’t offer more, while creating less waste!

With Ovention ovens, you can avoid ever having to purchase a grill, convection, pizza oven or fryer (not to mention all the extra packaging and hassle that come with them). Instead, you can give customers what they want from a single, easy-to-use source — your Ovention oven. Simply adjust the settings and you’ll be ready to deliver just what they’re looking for. 

Ready for a quick win-win at your stores? We’re ready to help you win and win again. For more information about Ovention, check out what we have to offer today!