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How to Get the Most Mileage out of Your Foodservice Equipment

November 11, 2019
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When you’re up against tight budgets, maximizing the ROI on your existing foodservice equipment is a must. If you can squeeze more value out of your equipment, you can keep costs down, conserve precious cash, and avoid replacing equipment prematurely. Starting off with quality equipment is key, of course, but there’s more to it than that. With the right steps and a little TLC, you can get more value out of your equipment. Here’s how. 


Keep it clean.  

Regularly cleaning your equipment can have a significant impact on its longevity. Without it, food and grime can build up quickly, causing equipment parts to rust or even worse — malfunction. A regular cleaning routine is a critical component in preserving your equipment for the long haul. As you’re establishing your routine, let your equipment manual be your guide. Each piece of equipment has its own set of cleaning instructions, including which cleaning products to use, so play it safe and check the manual. 


Stay on top of service. 

Keep your equipment in good health by sticking to a regular cadence of service check-ups. Consult your service team to see how often they recommend equipment inspections, then pencil those dates in on the calendar. By doing this, you can ensure your equipment’s moving parts are in good shape. And if they’re not, you can catch small issues before they turn into bigger ones. If you wait too long, small issues can snowball, sticking you with an expensive service repair bill or even worse — a problem that can’t be fixed. 


Keep replacement parts on hand. 

Not every issue requires a service call, however. If it’s a minor part that needs to be replaced, you can fix it in-house if you have the right parts available. This saves you money in more ways than one. First, you can avoid additional service costs. And since you’re potentially eliminating downtime where you’d otherwise be making sales, you cut those losses. As with any equipment-related matters, check the manual to see which components need regular replacement. Keep those on-hand and while you’re at it, stock up on any other parts (e.g., filters, hardware or electrical components) you may need to keep equipment in mint condition. 


Keep it out of harm’s way.

Believe it or not, where you position equipment within your foodservice facility can impact its lifespan. You want to position it so it’s conveniently located, of course, but make sure it’s not exposed to excess wear and tear. For example, keep electrical equipment and cords a safe distance from the sink, so they’re not at risk of getting wet. Or if there’s an area of the kitchen that’s more prone to collecting dust and debris, steer your equipment clear of it. And situate it so staff is less likely to bump into it.


Position it for efficiency.

The harder a piece of equipment has to work, the more it’s strained. Be thoughtful about where you’re placing your equipment so it’s set up for success. Distance heat-producing equipment from refrigeration equipment and drafty doors, so it doesn’t have to work harder than necessary to achieve a desired temperature. And leave ventilation room for equipment to expel hot air as part of its natural cooling process so it doesn’t overheat. Not only does this prevent premature malfunctioning, but as a bonus, it cuts back on energy costs. 


Take advantage of multipurpose functionality. 

In addition to these maintenance measures, make sure you’re getting the full value out of your equipment and its capabilities. If you have multi-purpose equipment with more than one intended use, don’t miss out on it. “The more, the merrier” doesn’t apply when it comes to equipment. Multipurpose equipment can save you money and space, so take advantage of it. With a piece of equipment like Ovention’s Shuttle® 2000 oven, for example, you have the capabilities of a traditional conveyor oven and closed cavity oven wrapped into one — which means you get more for your money. 


Go easy on your budget. 

With proper care and attention, you can make your equipment last longer and stretch your dollars further. However, if you’re starting to think about new equipment, consider how you can combat tight school budgets with the right equipment

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