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How To Serve Up A Jackpot Dining Experience That Keeps Casino Goers On The Floor

How to Serve Up a Jackpot Dining Experience That Keeps Casino-Goers on the Floor

June 7, 2019
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Casinos are known for their best-in-class restaurants. Take Vegas, for example, which is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Casino-goers don’t just come to play — they also come to enjoy the smorgasbord of food that casinos offer. And, if you serve things up just right, they’ll be satisfied and ready to stay and play longer.

Hold-the-cards and keep them coming back for seconds by implementing these foolproof casino dining practices.

Give guests options.

Casinos are like adult playgrounds, and guests come to play (read: indulge). As part of the casino experience, guests have come to expect an array of food and drink options, right at their fingertips. Serve up a full house by making various dining options available — and easily accessible — for your guests. Offer an all-you-can-eat buffet, fine dining, and grab-n-go options so your guests can recharge when they need to and indulge when they want to. With various dining options on-site, your guests won’t need to go far; they can find what they want right from — or near — the casino floor.

Serve up freebies on the floor.

Casino guests like to enjoy cocktails while they’re on the floor. That’s nothing new. However, if you go the extra mile and add in some free apps, you’ll impress your guests and leave them wanting more. By giving them a preview of your menu, they may be enticed to visit you for a sit-down meal. Or at the very least, that extra bit of sustenance may keep them on the floor longer. In either case, you’ll see business returns on those freebies, so sprinkling in a sampling of them is worthwhile.

Set the right mood.

By now, casinos have this down to an art form. With the lighting just right and the energy high, guests sometimes lose track of time on the casino floor. As your team evaluates the ambiance throughout casino restaurants, they should take measures to keep customers’ energy up. Of course the fine dining restaurant won’t be as lively as the Blackjack table, but by tweaking the lighting so it’s not too dim, making sure the music is upbeat, and incorporating some bright decor, you can keep guests alert (and hopefully ready for round two — or three — on the floor).

Offer a late-night menu.

Casinos and night owls go hand-in-hand, so catering to the late-night crowd with a midnight menu is a must. While you may want to offer a few novelty menu items to stand out from the competition, don’t stray far from the staples. It’s no secret that pizza, nachos, and tacos are crowd pleasers. Just make sure you invest in the right equipment to meet demands for the popular stuff, such as ovens that’ll cook your pizza crust just right. Offering these late-night snacks in-house lets casino-goers refuel right from the convenience of the casino floor, so they can stay for the long haul.

A win-win dining experience.

By integrating these elements into your casino dining experience, you’ll keep your guests happy. In turn, they’ll be more likely to extend their stay, which means more business. Everybody wins!

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