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Hotels Room Service Stereotypes

In-Room Meals That Shatter Stereotypes

October 10, 2019
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Often, in-room dining is synonymous with stale, ho-hum meals more endured than enjoyed. It’s time to shatter that stereotype once and for all. With a little creativity at every step in the process, you can make the entire experience more satisfying and delightful for guests who choose to dine in their rooms.

While many factors contributed to making room service a “dining option of last resort” for hotel guests, it often came down to the inability of the food preparation equipment itself to deliver consistent quality, quickly and efficiently. 

Those days are gone. With the sort of equipment innovations available today, it’s possible to turn that tired room service stereotype on its head and add star after star to the in-room dining experiences of your guests. 

Saying “no” to the waiting game. 

The best way to shatter stereotypes is to rethink every aspect of the in-room dining experience, including the amount of time it traditionally takes from order to delivery.

While not an option for everyone, many hotels now provide online ordering capabilities. It’s a great way to shorten wait times and give guests a significantly more pleasant (and contemporary) experience than having to pick up a menu in one hand and the phone in the other to place an order. 

An easier-to-adopt way to shorten wait times is to make one hundred percent certain the food preparation equipment itself has the necessary capabilities to deliver fast, consistent quality every time. Not all equipment is created equal and it’s essential to find options you can count on. Does your current equipment have specific innovations that increase food preparation speeds without sacrificing quality?

Saying “but wait, there’s more” to traditional fare. 

A significant number of in-room dining guests will always want burgers and other traditional comfort foods. But wouldn’t it be great to also offer trendier options that spice up a menu and delight guests looking for more than just the same-old-same-old? Imagine having the confidence and capabilities to serve anything from lobster rolls to popular ethnic dishes. That sound you hear is a stereotype getting shattered into a million pieces.

Again, the key to delivering both traditional fare and trendier options is choosing equipment that’s advanced enough to handle more than ordinary equipment could in the past. When you’re ready to get more creative (and attract more adventurous diners) with your menu offerings, make sure your equipment has what it takes to deliver everything you need it to deliver for you. 

Saying “yes” to the right equipment for the job. 

While it may be advantageous to surprise guests with unexpected new menu options, it’s just as important to eliminate all surprise when it comes to the integrity of the food being delivered. Perhaps the single best way to turn the room service stereotype on its head is by ensuring the food arrives with the consistent quality your guests are expecting. 

To help make sure that happens every time, Double MiLO® ovens use an innovation that successfully integrates hot air and infrared technologies. The hot air in the enclosed cavity allows for even, consistent cooking and a higher yield. And the infrared elements on the top and bottom of each cavity provide more efficient caramelization without over drying.

These are the sort of innovations that can help you deliver in-room dining experiences that exceed the expectations of your guests. In-room dining doesn’t have to be an option of last resort for guests. With fresh thinking, it can shatter even the deepest-held stereotypes. 

Ready to change how your guests view in-room dining? Want to learn more about how Ovention Double MiLO® ovens can help? Check us out today!

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