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More Than Just Pizza

More than just Pizza

May 9, 2018
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Did you know that Ovention Ovens are more than just pizza ovens?  Our ovens are capable of cooking several different items and then best part is they can be programmed with a touch of a button which means once the setting is in the oven it is a matter of your employee hitting the button of the item they need to cook and that is it. Our ovens have been designed to cook all products from pizzas to souffles and everything in between, which allows you to expand your menu choices and accommodate the needs of your customers without breaking the budget on several pieces of equipment.  There is now no reason to buy a grill, convection, pizza oven or fryer. With just the touch of a button and the correct settings you can cook them all in your Ovention.  The best part is we have several different designs and sizes to accommodate your menu and space needs.  Our Matchbox 1718 and 1313 is known for its platform cooking, the way it works is by its design you have two cooking surfaces, one that is always ready to go into the oven and one that is stored inside the oven.  Once you place the item on the platform and push the recipe for cooking the product is automatically loaded into the oven.  While this is happening, the other platform will exit on the opposite side of the oven so it is available to load the next product. This is what we call queing a product. What happens is once the product that is in the oven is cooked it automatically comes out of the oven on the same side it went in which instantly starts cooking the next product that is qued up.

Another model is the Shuttle this also comes in two sizes, the S2000 and the S1200.  This oven is also automatic, but actually goes in a linear flow, one of the best features of this oven is that it can be used as a conveyor or a closed cavity, which gives you the capability to run products through during peak times in a conveyor mode, but during slower times cook them with a closed cavity, saving energy and keeping your kitchen cool.

All our ovens have been UL approved as Ventless Cooking Vessels, which means no hood is required and they can be placed anywhere in your kitchen.