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Hotel Checklist For Food Consistency

The Ultimate Checklist for Food Consistency at Your Hotel

September 11, 2019
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Whether the kitchen is having trouble keeping track of meals or you’ve simply noticed a lack of food consistency, you could be losing out on sales due to poor performance. That being said, your hotel can potentially benefit from using a checklist to ensure that each and every dish comes out perfectly — regardless of the obstacles your team is facing behind the scenes. A checklist can be an everyday part of your preparation in the kitchen, and a proactive way to prevent mistakes. Let’s take a look at the six must-have items to include on your checklist for consistency.


  1. Develop set recipes. Without official recipes, you are setting your team up for failure. Some meals may come out with different portions, while others might have different flavors based on the amount of ingredients your team is adding to each dish. In addition, you may run out of ingredients mid-shift if chefs use improper quantities. Make it a point to write down the recipe (or use programmable equipment) for each menu item your hotel restaurant has to offer.


  1. Avoid complexity. If your recipes are too difficult for the kitchen to understand, or your menu is constantly changing, mistakes can happen. Stick to simple recipes with ingredients that everyone understands. Ensure that your staff is trained on how to prepare these recipes, and create open lines of communication. Your employees should feel comfortable asking questions when it comes to developing meals and improving their skills. This will ensure that the end product is always delicious and your customers — as well as your team — are satisfied.


  1. Prepare daily. Make needed preparations before each shift. Measuring out ingredients ahead of time, for example, can go a long way when it comes to food consistency. You may also want to meet with your team before every shift to ensure that everyone is on the same page about specials, the availability of ingredients in the kitchen, and so forth.


  1. Work with trusted suppliers. Do you know where you’re getting your vegetables and meat from? Establishing a relationship with your regular suppliers can help you build trust and ensure that your ingredients are always delivered in a timely manner, at the level of excellence you expect. Come chow time, this translates to reliable menu items that are always of the same great quality and taste that your customers have come to love.


  1. Create visual aids. Developing charts and instructions that list all of your team’s responsibilities and posting them throughout your kitchen can serve as helpful reminders. They can also be extremely beneficial when the situation gets hectic behind the scenes and your team needs a quick reference guide as they work through their shift.


  1. Know your equipment. Having the right equipment is everything when it comes to consistency in the kitchen. In order for each meal on your menu to turn out correctly each time, you need quality kitchen equipment you can rely on to help you prepare dishes with the utmost precision.


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