Procedures for Ovention Oven Test & Evaluation

Ovention created new Demo, Test and Evaluation Procedures. If we all follow these steps, it will help us lay the groundwork in the beginning of a new project so that we may benefit at the end of the process.

We view the initial demo as the first step towards generating interest or confirming interest in Ovention and our equipment. If the demo goes great, then the customer may want to test an oven in their own environment. We see the following steps taking place:


Rep Test Kitchen Pre-Sale Demo Form – (Demo on the rep’s test kitchen equipment)
As you know, we have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the field. We would like all demos to be done at the Ovention rep’s test kitchens whenever possible.

This form, when used correctly, helps organize your demo, details the purpose of demo, and what Ovention support is needed. It makes you think about what it will take to win the business. It also helps Ovention gather meaningful information about our field efforts and what customers are looking for. If your completed form is approved, Ovention will pay your group $100.00. Once a quarter all demo payments will be paid in your commission statements.


Customer/Dealer Test and Evaluation Request Form – (Ovention shipping an oven to customer’s location)
In the event an oven is not accessible at the rep’s test kitchen or dealer showroom,  the customer is unwilling to attend a demo at a location away from their own test kitchen, etc., this form can be completed to request an oven be sent to a specific customer location.

The need for the oven must be clearly defined within the form and approved thereafter.

Note: The life of the test is a maximum of 60 days (although most tests are determined within the first 30 days). After the life of the test has elapsed,  an invoice will be processed or the oven will be picked up.


Field Test and Evaluation Agreement:
Testing equipment is extremely expensive for all parties, especially product manufacturers. A single test can cost more than $1,000. In order to ensure we are testing equipment with the highest potential for success, we are now asking that our Reps and Sales Managers submit a completed Field Test and Evaluation Agreement.

This agreement outlines the Terms and Conditions that the customer is responsible for and what Ovention agrees to do to support their test. It requires a delivery signature and acknowledgement that the Ovention equipment was delivered in great working condition.

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