Getting to That Green Light on New Equipment Purchases
Getting to That Green Light on New Equipment Purchases
Sep 19, 2019

Do you know prospects who are close —  really close —  to pulling the trigger on a new equipment purchase? Perhaps they’re considering an upgrade to an oven that has served them well over the years. Maybe they need to replace one that no longer works the way it should. Or they may have simply decided an impressive capability like ventless cooking has what it takes to save some serious money, both immediately and over the long run. 

Whatever the reason (or reasons) for considering a new oven or making another equipment purchase, convincing themselves it’s time to act is often the easiest part of the entire process.  

Getting others to agree is where it sometimes gets trickier. Much trickier. To achieve that internal buy-in, they’ll need to make the best possible case using the most compelling rationales — the ones that will make it next to impossible to delay a purchase any longer. 

You can help by listening to and addressing their specific challenges. The first step is preparing answers to some of the most common questions they’re likely to face. When you do, both you and your prospect will be well on the way to getting the go-ahead on new equipment purchases from all the individuals ultimately responsible for making that decision. Here are three questions and answers to consider!

Question #1: What ROI will this equipment deliver and when will it start delivering it? 

Focusing on the bottom line sometimes feels like a full-time job — and that’s exactly what it is for many within an organization. For them, it needs to be one hundred percent clear that the equipment being considered has what it takes to help maintain — and increase — profitability. 

Consider ovens as an example. The negative impact on the bottom line from choosing commercial hood systems is immediate since they can double or triple the upfront cost compared to ventless cooking options. 

But it’s more than just that upfront hit on profitability. Those commercial hood systems will also have an ongoing, negative impact on operating costs, which include the cost of cleaning, maintenance, repairs and more.

To prepare for other ROI-related questions your customers might face, read 5 Things All Foodservice Pros Should Be Measuring. Answering how (and when) a new piece of equipment will deliver a tangible return on investment is almost always job one. 

Question #2: Will this equipment be durable and reliable enough for your needs?

Every equipment vendor likes to talk about their equipment’s “bells and whistles,” those features designed to impress the ones who’ll be using it day in and day out. 

Thing is, not everyone responsible for green lighting that purchase will be using it daily. For these decision-makers, the most impressive feature probably won’t be the newest, coolest bell or whistle. It’s more likely to be that old standby: durability. Will this equipment last? Will it deliver reliable, consistent performance over the years? Or will it need to be repaired often, or replaced altogether, long before it should?

When helping someone put together an airtight case for a new oven, work with them on answers to durability-related questions. Does it have a proven track record of performance in demanding environments? Does it have what it takes to withstand the rigors of their particular situation? Answering these could help move the purchase process from “maybe” or “let’s wait awhile” to “yes, just yes.” 

Question #3: How versatile and flexible is this piece of equipment? 

Even if a piece of equipment looks good on the ROI front and seems to pass the durability test, the ones signing off on the purchase might also have questions about the equipment’s flexibility.  

Space limitations are a reality, and nobody, including your prospect, wants to recommend equipment only to find out the hard way that its installation options are limited. If that happens, they might be forced to restructure layouts in ways that are significantly less efficient and productive. 

To see the dangers here more clearly, let’s look again at ovens that offer ventless cooking compared to conventional hood systems. Ventless cooking gives a wider range of options for installation, including locations where ventilation wasn’t a viable option in the past. In other words, it allows for cooking in areas where it hadn’t even been feasible before. That’s the sort of flexibility that can make all the difference when it comes to getting internal buy-in for a new equipment purchase. 

Let us know how we can help.

Every organization is different and we’re guessing the questions you and your prospects will be facing are no exception. While those discussed above are some of the most common across all organizations, we fully realize they’re not necessarily the specific ones you’ll need to help answer — or asked in the way you’re going to hear them.

If you let us know more about the specific hurdles that need to be cleared, we can arm you with all the financial, practical and technical details you need to help get that green light. For further assistance, contact us today!

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