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Is Your Supermarket Keeping up with Subscription Meal Kits?

December 10, 2021
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The subscription meal kit industry is growing at an astounding rate, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, by next year, its market value is expected to be worth a whopping $11.6 billion dollars, more than double its value just four short years ago. Considering its tremendous popularity, how can your supermarket get a piece of the meal-kit craze?

Expand your grab-n-go menu
Fresh salads and sandwiches are staples of any grab-n-go or deli section, but if that’s all you’re offering, it’s time to step it up. Go beyond the expected grab-n-go options and add ready-made or ready-to-prepare heat-and-eat offerings (and don’t skimp on the healthy options). We’re living in a time of on-demand everything, and customers can get whatever they want to be delivered to their doorstep. To compete with this, convert — and expand — your convenience section into something that resembles a healthier one-stop-shop, where customers can find an array of hot and cold time-saving dishes.

Create convenience-focused displays
The power of presentation can’t be underestimated. Your grab-n-go section should be located at the front of your store, so it’s easily accessible for time-strapped customers. Not only that but make this section pop with clear signage and attention-grabbing displays, so customers don’t overlook it. As you’re setting up your grab-n-go section, be thoughtful about what you’re including. For example, take the season into consideration. Is it summertime? Round up all of the grilling and s’more fixings so customers can get in and out, without missing too much summer fun. Pay attention to what’s practical and popular for customers, then take every measure to provide just that.

Include versatile ingredients
If you’re offering in-store meal kits, go one step further than the average meal kit provider. Take advantage of fresh ingredients, get your creative juices flowing, and offer versatile ingredients that can be used in multiple ways. For example, if your meal kit includes sweet potatoes, sausage, and some herbs, you can make your kit more interesting than the competition by offering three spins on recipes — a pasta dish, breakfast scramble, and soup. Not only does this help you appeal to different people’s tastes and moods, but customers get more bang for their buck…and you get creativity points.

Save time with better technology
Customers have come to expect on-demand convenience, so if you upgrade your convenience section, you need the technology to match. If your grab-n-go section is done well, food could be flying off the shelves. So, how do you keep up with the demand?

Two words: impingement technology. Ovens that utilize impingement cooking technology cook food four times faster than most commercial ovens. They do this by using a special nozzle that blasts hot air onto the food, cutting through the cold air “halo” that typically lingers above food after it enters the oven. By eliminating this lingering cold air, impingement ovens help you cook food more quickly — helping you get those tasty menu items out onto the floor and into shoppers’ bellies that much faster.

Thinking of changing your supermarket menu?
If you’ve realized it’s time to change up your offerings, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got your back. Before you make bold changes to your grab-n-go section, boost your profitability by taking these factors into consideration.

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