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The Future of Your Supermarket Is Ventless

October 13, 2021
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Ventless ovens have created quite the stir in the foodservice industry and are quickly becoming the future of supermarket foodservice. More operations are looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions for limited kitchen space, but they aren’t willing to compromise on operational excellence. Enter, ventless ovens. What was once just wishful thinking, due to limited square footage or impossible ventilation, is now a reality thanks to the benefits these savvy units bring.

Operational excellence
From freshly baked bread and sweet sheet cakes to savory lasagna and roasted veggies, supermarkets heavily depend on a quality oven that works hard for their operation. Ventless ovens are all about quality. Some models even offer precision heating, a cooking technology that blasts hot air directly on the product to increase cooking speed up to four times faster than traditional convection heating — and incredibly, without loss in quality.

Other innovative tech, such as programmable presets, allow operators to input recipes digitally, creating a consistent cook no matter who’s on the clock. And that’s just scratching the surface of all that ventless ovens can bring. These tireless and convenient ovens set the bar high, and work to boost the quality of your entire operation through intuitive controls, a small footprint, and automation.

Significant savings
A ventless oven brings significant savings. Traditional ovens require hood ventilation and a fire suppression system. Both of these requirements have a hefty installation cost (double to triple your oven investment) and pricey maintenance requirements, including a regular (often outsourced) cleaning schedule to eliminate grease buildup (read: fire hazard). Quality ventless ovens don’t need a separate hood ventilation system. Instead, they utilize an impressive catalyst technology that converts grease and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into byproducts of harmless carbon dioxide and water. In addition, eliminating the need for a ventilation system saves your operation on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance costs.

If skipping the hood ventilation system wasn’t enough, quality ventless units are typically energy efficient. Some models have a smaller footprint that provides an eco-friendly boost by capitalizing on quick-heating technology, independent blower speeds, enclosed cavity cooking, and automated options that help reduce waste. For example, our Ovention Shuttle oven (a combination conveyor and closed cavity unit) ups product output by 30% while reducing energy consumption by over one-third.

Speaking of automated equipment, some ventless ovens provide technology such as auto load and unload capabilities, conveyor options, or programmable presets. Those features create labor-saving solutions that increase staff’s multitasking effectiveness. It also lowers job-related injuries that arise from continual repetitive motions. Ventless units give your operation incredible value while saving you money in the process — they really provide the best of both worlds.

Flexibility and freedom
Ventless ovens allow for unparalleled flexibility within commercial kitchens. Without a hood ventilation system confining your oven to one location, the options for kitchen design are endless. This opens your operation up to new freedoms including pop-up or non-traditional kitchen locations within your supermarket.

These ovens also typically have a small footprint (some are countertop units), making oven placement even more convenient. However, don’t let their small size fool you, they pack a mighty foodservice punch. Case and point, Ovention offers multi-cavity ovens that allow operators to cook various menu items at different temperatures simultaneously or conserve energy by using only one at a time. Now available in three size options — a single stand-alone unit, double, or new single that stacks on top of a double — flexibility is within reach.

Advance your operation
Ventless ovens will propel your supermarket into the future with added cost savings, flexibility, and incredible quality. Interested in other smart ways to advance your operation? Check out our blog post, “Three Ways To Create a More Sustainable Foodservice Business.”

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