How to Prioritize Your C-Store Equipment Needs

How to Prioritize Your C-Store Equipment Needs

December 11, 2019
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Deciding on c-store equipment purchases can be overwhelming. At any given point, you may need to replace or upgrade more than one piece of equipment. But at the same time, innovative c-store equipment is constantly cropping up, making you question where to put your money first. Weighing your priorities can be tricky, but prioritization is key, as your equipment directly impacts your bottom line. To figure out which equipment purchases to prioritize, make the following considerations. 


Take inventory.

First things first, take stock of your equipment. Figure out if any pieces of equipment need to be repaired or replaced. But, before you decide, ask a few questions. First, is the equipment still under warranty? If it’s not, evaluate if it’s worth fixing or replacing. How’s ROI looking? Is it helping to drive sales? Weigh the costs of repairs and replacements against any new equipment purchases you’re considering. 


Analyze your sales. 

Review your month-to-month sales to see which pieces of equipment are bringing in the most business. If you have equipment that’s producing a significant cut of your sales, that should take first priority. Make sure it’s up to snuff and running efficiently so you don’t suffer any downtime and potentially lost sales. While you’re at it, determine whether an upgrade is in order. For example, if your fountain soda dispenser is a high-grossing piece of equipment, decide whether it’s worthwhile to upgrade that piece of equipment to the latest and greatest model. 


Keep up with the trends (and the competition). 

Albeit it a fun one, staying on top of trends can feel like a full-time job. But, it’s essential to know what you need to stay competitive. Don’t jump on board with any trend, of course, but pay attention to the trends that have been steadily gaining traction, such as all-day breakfast and made-to-order options. If there’s equipment that facilitates these popular options, such as waffle makers or multipurpose ovens, prioritize it to increase sales.  


Save on costs with streamlining. 

As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. However, sometimes you have to spend money to save money. What we mean is, some equipment can help you cut back on costs by streamlining operations. For example, Ovention’s Shuttle® 2000 has up to 1,000 unique cook settings, which can be preloaded to save time. Features like this allow you to save on labor costs, and cook up to 30% more food at a time! As a bonus, it’s one-third more energy efficient than traditional countertop ovens. So, what you spend on equipment will save you money in the long run. Pay attention to wallet-friendly features like this as you’re prioritizing.


Maximize convenience. 

Convenience is, quite literally, the name of the c-store game. Not only can it increase sales volume (the faster the sale, the more you can sell per hour), but it can encourage repeat customers. If customers know they can get in and out faster at your store than the competitors’, they’re more apt to come back. So while you may not currently have equipment that facilities self-checkout, for example, evaluate how convenience-driving equipment like this fits into your budget. On top of increasing convenience and speed for customers, these types of investments can save you on labor costs, so it’s a win-win — and worth prioritizing. 


Make your money go further. 

It’s no secret that equipment purchases are expensive. That’s why the best types of equipment are multipurpose, allowing you to do more than one thing so you can save on costs. With the Ovention Shuttle® 2000, for example, you have a conveyor and closed-cavity oven wrapped into one. Since it’s a two-for-one deal, it makes prioritization easier because you don’t have to choose between two pieces of equipment. And not only that, but it’s more cost-effective since you can do more with less.

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