Meet the Friendliest Oven Around: Ovention Matchbox®
Meet the Friendliest Oven Around: Ovention Matchbox®
Jun 17, 2020

As a foodservice operator, you face many challenges on a daily basis. Maybe it’s employee training issues, rising energy costs, limited kitchen space, feeding customers in a timely manner, or creating diverse menus with the equipment you have. Whatever the case, believe us, you are not alone.
Nearly everyone in the foodservice industry has experienced these challenges in one way or another. But there’s good news. Our Ovention Matchbox® oven is the friendliest oven around, ready to lend a hand and help you tackle your biggest kitchen challenges and more!

Space (and wallet) friendly
The Ovention Matchbox oven (aka “the Matchbox”) is ventless. Yes, you heard that right — there’s no hood. It passes all the industry checks and balances; it is UL certified and operates without a Type I hood in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) test method 202.

Because no hood is required, you can place this countertop oven anywhere. Plus, the unit itself is super compact (the largest model is only five feet wide), making it a dream come true for anyone that’s limited on kitchen space. You can even stack two Matchbox ovens while staying under the 5.0 mg/m3 limit.

And the icing on the cake (or should we say cheese on the pizza)? Six feet of hood space (with a six-inch overhang on each side of the oven) would cost you approximately $1,800 per linear foot. Not having to use a hood means you just saved $10,800. Congratulations, you just paid for your new Matchbox oven!

User friendly
Easy-to-use equipment is vital to running a smooth operation. Employee turnover is a costly concern. How much money do you spend on annually training new employees on complex equipment? Must all employees be a chef to operate your equipment?

Not with the Matchbox — it is so easy to use that if your employees can text, they can operate the oven. Just set the food product on the staging platform and push a button. Leave the rest to Ovention. The Matchbox auto-loads the product into the closed cooking cavity, and using a preloaded setting, cooks the product exactly to your specification.

This ensures you have a perfectly cooked menu item, but it also saves you money. While food cooks, your staff is now available to do other tasks. There’s no need for employees to watch the oven, waiting for the product to finish cooking. As soon as the product is completed, the Matchbox sends the perfectly cooked product back to you for removal. Bon appetit.

Eardrum friendly
Who needs more noise in the kitchen or front-of-the-house? Seriously, no customer or staff member wants to yell over the whirling and blaring sounds of equipment in the background. With the Matchbox, you’re guaranteed to get one of the quietest pieces of equipment available today.

Normal conversation is 60 decibels (dB). The Matchbox is 67. If you compare this to a competitor’s conveyor oven at 79 dB, we are 12 dB quieter. With noise doubling at 10 dB, the Matchbox is super-duper quiet — so quiet your employees and customers will loudly sing your praises.

Speed and quality friendly
The Matchbox oven uses Precision Impingement® technology as its cooking platform. This technology utilizes hot air for a fast, high-quality cook without microwaves. This allows you to control time, temperature and independent blower speeds for every item.

The easiest way to describe Precision Impingement technology is that the hot air that cooks the product is targeted toward the food from the top and bottom of the unit through triple-stacked jet plates. When the food moves into the closed-door cooking cavity, these jet plates create darts of air that quickly penetrate the food product during the cooking process. The high-velocity hot air stays in the closed cavity and recirculates to decrease the cooking time. The carriage moves back and forth during the cooking cycle — and just like that, your product is cooked evenly every time.

The Matchbox does not use microwaves. Although commercial microwaves have been around since 1958, they aren’t always the best solution. Yes, there is a time, place and reason for microwaving. For one, it is a quick way to thaw or cook a frozen food product. It can warm sandwiches, baked goods, and other bread and yeast-based products, but (as we all know) that’s not it’s strong suit. Ultimately, the quality of the product will suffer.

You see, microwaves vibrate the water molecules, which leads to friction heating the product. During that process, water is removed leaving products dry and not-so-delicious tasting. You won’t see this with the Matchbox. Since the Matchbox uses hot air to heat the product, it keeps the moisture in and consistently delivers high-quality food products — the kind that’ll keep your customers coming back time after time.

The Matchbox is a closed-door oven, making it automatically more energy efficient than open-ended conveyor ovens. Energy efficiency for cooking is a measure of how much energy (that the equipment consumes) is actually delivered to the food product during the cooking process. Our autoload, auto-exit closed-door system is the key to energy savings.

As seen in the chart below, this can save you over $2,000 per year in electric costs. With the Matchbox, the product being cooked enters the cooking cavity quickly and exits immediately after the cooking process is completed. When we say that it can cook a flatbread pizza in 105 seconds, we mean it! This will shave minutes off your cooking time — and won’t waste extra energy moving product in and out of the cavity at turtle speed.

And the kicker? Mother Earth loves the Matchbox because it releases less grease-laden vapors into the air. Thanks to its ventless design, the Matchbox has several catalysts inside the oven that scrub the air to remove the grease-laden vapors. In fact, the oven is so efficient at removing the grease vapors (.49 mg/m3 out of an allowed 5.0 mg/m3 limit) that it performs ten times better than the required UL grease emissions standards.

Electric savings overview

All-around friendly
With our closed door, high-velocity, hot-air Matchbox oven, you can alleviate the biggest pain points within your organization. Using our FlexTemp technology, operators can cook back-to-back products at different temperatures (plus or minus 50 degrees from your set point). Utilizing all of the cooking parameters (time, temperature, independent top and bottom airflow in 3 stages), you can dial in a perfect setting for your product. This ventless oven is perfect for every menu, segment and daypart. As one customer put it, when it comes to the Matchbox oven: “There’s no guesswork; it’s worth its weight in gold.”

To talk to a friendly Ovention team member about the Matchbox oven (or to see it in action), email us at [email protected] or give us a ring at 855-298-6836. We’d love to hear from you!

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