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Purchasing a Commercial Oven: Top 3 Reasons it Might be on the Back Burner

May 6, 2019
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When restaurant owners or buyers are furnishing a kitchen with new equipment, they know they’re in for a significant decision, especially when it comes to bigger pieces of equipment. Since ovens are the centerpiece of most kitchens, they warrant extensive consideration before buyers are ready to make a purchase. And as buyers are weighing their options, they may have reservations that prevent them from moving forward.

Here are some of the typical barriers that stand between buyers and the commercial oven of their dreams.

Cost is the biggest deterrent to buying a commercial oven — by a landslide. For one thing, budget-conscious consumers know they have alternative options that can keep their upfront costs down. Many buyers may consider buying used commercial ovens, or even leasing them because those options require less upfront capital. What those buyers don’t consider, however, are the additional costs associated, such as increased maintenance and higher monthly payments.If an oven is essential for a menu, and it often is, it pays to invest in the latest and greatest technology. With best-in-class equipment, restaurants can increase their efficiency and sales volume. On the other hand, if restaurants buy used or lower quality equipment, they may end up with a less durable oven and lower output, which can hurt business. While used ovens may seem less expensive at first glance, their hidden costs and lower return on investment may make them more costly in the long run. All too often, buyers fail to evaluate the total cost of ownership!
Option overload
Buying a commercial oven is a big decision to begin with. Add in the increasing number of options and new technologies, and it’s no wonder buyers feel overwhelmed. With ever-changing innovation and the diverse range of models available, potential customers may be left with a case of analysis paralysis. In these instances, they need guidance to understand their priorities and narrow down their options. Prospective buyers are looking for reps who are in tune with their needs; they need a partner that’ll ask the right questions, find out what features are important, and make suggestions accordingly. If potential buyers know their needs are understood, they’ll be more confident in their decision and more inclined to make a purchase.
With the vast array of options available, deciding on a commercial oven requires a significant amount of time and research. If potential buyers are juggling a lot of responsibilities, they may deprioritize purchasing a new oven in favor of tackling what they believe are more time-sensitive tasks. Either that, or they may put off purchasing an oven longer than they should since it’s a substantial investment that requires careful consideration. If they have a partner that does some of the legwork and helps them clarify their specific needs, however, the oven purchasing decision may feel less daunting.

What next?
Roadblocks are a natural part of the buyer journey. It’s great to have options, but too many can mean buyers’ indecision. At Ovention, we make the decision easier with our select, yet versatile offering of high-powered, energy-efficient and innovative ovens. To see what our newest oven, the Double MiLO®, can do, check out our handy product infographic now!

Ovention Ovens Make It Easy
Double Milo
MiLO® - Double
Revolutionary infusion of Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR) technologies. Independently controlled top and bottom cavities, each with its own interior light and control panel.
Matchbox 1313
Matchbox® 1718/1313
Cook a full menu of delicious offerings without a hood. The Matchbox 1718/1313 takes the traditional conveyor oven to a whole new level.
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Cooked with Conveyor 2600/2000

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