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Welcome to Ovention, we have designed this blog to allow customers, reps, and our team to interact with each other on all aspects of our line of products. You will find recipes, information on how to use your oven, what to expect from Ovention and have the capability to interact with our team to get answers on items you may need.

Sky High Urban Farms
Jul 21, 2022

Farm-to-table, how about roof-to-table? While more and more restaurants have been embracing the farm-to-table movement, Urban Farms are popping up […]

Energizing Students with School Meals
Jul 06, 2022

Proper nutrition is essential to a growing child’s development. Students spend an average of 180 days at school, meaning the […]

Food Trucks on the Roll
Jun 14, 2022

From farmer’s markets to festivals to outside office buildings, food trucks are on the rise and rolling into a location […]

April Showers Bring Limited Season Ingredients
Jun 09, 2022

Seasonal menus are a great way to feature the flavor profiles of that time of year. Featuring limited-time ingredients on […]

Streamlined and Minimalism on the Menu
Jun 09, 2022

Gone are comically large menus that offer a menu item for every whim. Many restaurants and foodservice locations scaled back […]

The Latest Trends for Bars and Restaurants in 2022
Jun 09, 2022

The hospitality industry has had many disruptions over the last two years; it’s safe to say the restaurant landscape will […]

Supply Chain Issues Lead to Restaurant Equipment Delays
Jun 09, 2022

From shipping container ships getting stuck in canals to countrywide lockdowns to workforce shortages, the list of supply chain problems […]

2022 Pizza Trends on the Rise
Mar 11, 2022

New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Cauliflower. What do all of these have in common? They’re all kinds of pizza! With […]

How Fresh Food Can Replace Declining Fuel Revenue at Your C-store
Dec 14, 2021

With fewer cars on the road and the gradual push toward electric and hybrid vehicles, c-stores aren’t seeing (and may […]

3 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction at Your C-store
Dec 13, 2021

It’s no secret, satisfied customers often become loyal guests. But, happy consumers equate to more than just frequent visits. Satisfaction […]

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