5 Futuristic Trends Changing the Way Restaurants Operate
5 Futuristic Trends Changing the Way Restaurants Operate
Sep 13, 2019

When it comes to the foodservice industry, the future is already here. With the abundance of technology at our fingertips, everything from delivery services to meal prep can be streamlined for speed and efficiency. Cooking equipment has also come a long way, revolutionizing the way restaurateurs and their teams work in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at five trends that are already changing the way restaurants operate on a daily basis.


Do-it-all kiosks: Kiosks are not necessarily replacing restaurant workers. Rather, they’re helping businesses give customers what they want, when they want it. Instead of having people wait in line, many restaurants now use standalone kiosks to take orders, speeding up the process and getting more people in and out of the door. The latest kiosks on the market are also now equipped with cameras that allow them to “recognize” customers. This means that they can take personalized orders in seconds and keep those hungry customers extra happy (and impressed).


All-in-one restaurant management platforms: Platforms that integrate point-of-sale, analytics, online ordering and inventory management are growing in popularity. For restaurateurs, this means extra time for training employees on the new technology and ensuring that each feature is used to maximize the ROI of the platform. While all-in-one platforms can ultimately be helpful, they require an adjustment period at any restaurant as they are integrated into the way business is carried out on a daily basis.


Delivery-mapping tools. Think of when you’re out on the road, trying to get to a new destination via GPS. This same technology is now being deployed across the restaurant industry, and for good reason: delivery service. With new delivery-mapping tools, restaurants are able to equip their drivers (or eventually driverless cars) with better directions and more direct routes, which can save on everything from time to fuel costs. GPS is also helping restaurants monitor drivers to ensure there’s no funny business happening while they are in route!


4. Innovative kitchen equipment: Using intuitive, high-tech equipment can help restaurants streamline everything from meal consistency to employee training. Ovention’s Double MiLO® oven, for instance, automatically utilizes Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR) technologies to heat food to the proper temperature while ensuring that it never becomes too dry. Restaurateurs need to be willing to invest in the latest equipment with first-of-its-kind technologies to help them deliver more with less.


Robotics: Robots and artificial intelligence might not be taking over the world just yet, but the restaurant industry has already seen some of what they can do. From burger-flipping robots to bots that can craft meals using recipes stored in their database, restaurateurs are already taking advantage of this new technology. Even drones are getting in on the action, as many restaurants turn to them to make deliveries. 


Adjusting to futuristic food trends

It can be challenging to keep up with the futuristic demands of today’s customers, but progress comes in many forms. Keeping tabs on cutting-edge trends and starting small by integrating innovative equipment, such as the Double MiLO®, can set restaurateurs on the right path. 


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