Connecting With Restaurant Patrons While Keeping Your Distance
Connecting With Restaurant Patrons While Keeping Your Distance
May 11, 2020

Now more than ever, consumers are taking advantage of the convenience of curbside, takeout and delivery services. With online ordering and off-premise dining picking up steam, the question is: How can you connect with customers and create a memorable dining experience from afar?

As more dine-in customers dine out, turn to these tactics to create a positive experience that draws them in — and keeps them coming back for more.


Perfect your on-premise experience

Just because customers aren’t dining in, doesn’t mean you can neglect the experience in and around your establishment. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and give them the best pick-up experience imaginable. Have designated, well-marked parking spots for pickup orders, so it’s quick and convenient. Inside the restaurant, have a clear spot for to-go orders and train staff on the process so there aren’t hiccups. Last but not least, keep cleanliness as a top priority so customers have a good impression as they come and go.


Make your website user-friendly

If you haven’t already optimized your website for online ordering, now’s the time to do it. A hard-to-navigate, inconvenient website is enough to drive even the most loyal customers away. So where do you start? Ensure customers can easily access your online menus, navigate through the checkout experience, and place orders. And while you’re at it, make sure your mobile experience is up-to-snuff, since many of your customers will place orders from their phones.


Get social

In our always-online society, social media is an important branding and engagement tool for businesses — especially when face-to-face interaction is limited. It’s not only an important channel for building and maintaining customer relationships, but it’s also a fun way to strut your stuff and show new followers what you have to offer. Keep customers in the know by updating them on your takeout options, delivery services (if you offer them), and operating hours. Regularly update your social accounts with appetizing photos of your food. Personalize the experience with pictures of your team. And of course, respond to questions and comments in a timely and friendly manner. All of these efforts help your customers connect with your brand, even from a distance.


Take the dine-in experience to go

Customers might think their options are limited, or less special, when they’re taking orders on-the-go. Prove them wrong by going the extra mile with your off-premise offerings. While you’ll still want to be careful with how you translate your dine-in menu to takeout, there are plenty of ways to add extra-memorable, smile-inducing elements along the way. Get creative with presentation and packaging solutions, so customers can still enjoy their favorite menu items when they’re dining out. For example, if you have certain dishes that aren’t conducive to takeout or delivery, create a “heat-and-eat” or meal kit option for customers, so they can pick up the meal frozen and recreate it at home. Or, if you want to keep your margins up alcoholic beverage sales, check on your local laws. Many states have loosened their restrictions on alcohol delivery, so you can sell carryout cocktails.


Communicate, communicate, communicate

Communication is just as important — if not more important — with delivery, curbside and to-go orders. Keep customers in the loop on business hours, menu changes and more using all avenues of communication, whether it’s your website, social channels or email. And when customers place orders, keep them up-to-date on their order status via text or email updates. A little communication goes a long way when it comes to keeping customers happy. And always remember: Timely communication is the cornerstone of great customer service.


Equip yourself for success

With the demand for takeout on the rise, make sure you have the equipment you need to keep pace. Delivering a great on-the-go experience hinges on a number of things — one of which remains exceptional food. Keep food looking and tasting great (while maximizing your cooking capacity) with an oven that goes the distance. Learn how the Ovention Matchbox® 1718 can help.

Ovention Ovens Make It Easy
Shuttle® NEW 2600! 2000/1600/1200
Shuttle® NEW 2600! 2000/1600/1200

If you value precision and volume, Ovention has the perfect oven to fit your operation. The Shuttle sets the new standard for conveyor ovens everywhere. No other oven can operate as both a conveyor and a closed-cavity oven.

Matchbox® 1718/1313
Matchbox® 1718/1313

Cook a full menu of delicious offerings without an oven hood. The Ovention Matchbox 1718/1313 takes the traditional conveyor oven to a whole new level.

Conveyor 2600/2000/1400
Conveyor 2600/2000/1400

Simple, smart and the right fit for operators looking for a high-throughput conveyor oven. The Ovention Conveyor Oven is the most technologically elegant and operator-friendly conveyor on the market today.

Matchbox® M360 14/12
Matchbox® M360 14/12

Cook a full menu better, faster, and easier. The Ovention Matchbox M360 has Precision Impingement® technology, a unique cooking carousel, and a small footprint, making it the perfect fit for any operation.

Finishing F1400
Finishing F1400

Finish your plates with ease and precision with this robust IR finishing conveyor. Melt, sear, toast, and finish to perfection with this operator-friendly, quiet conveyor.

MiLO® Double/Single
MiLO® Double/Single

Revolutionary infusion of Linear Impingement and Infrared (IR) technologies. Independently controlled top and bottom cavities, each with its own interior light and control panel.


Introducing MiSA; Microwave Speed Assist. Higher quality, higher speed, smaller footprint.

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