How to Make Meatless Mondays a Success

How to Make Meatless Mondays a Success

March 9, 2020
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While it may have seemed impossible (pun intended) a decade ago, plant-based proteins and meat-free menu options have risen in popularity recently. As part of that seismic shift in diet preferences, more people than ever are embracing the Meatless Monday movement. 

You can give these customers what they want by dedicating all or part of your Monday menu to options that don’t include beef, chicken or other meats. Here are some practical tips to help you make the most of Meatless Mondays in your world. 


Promotion tips

Success comes to those who promote, promote and promote some more. If the first time diners ever hear about your plans is on the Monday you’re implementing them, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build excitement and anticipation for your Meatless Monday efforts. 

Why not let everyone know instead? Why not share in advance exactly which plant-based options customers can expect to find for a month of Mondays? Consider building additional hype for those exciting, plant-based menu options on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media channels. You’ll also want to use signage and literature to spell out the health and environmental benefits of adding plant-based proteins to diets. 


Implementation tips

It’s not just customers who need to get excited about your Meatless Monday plans. Take time to make sure everyone on your staff will be an enthusiastic advocate for what you’re planning. This could be as simple as dedicating time during an all-staff meeting or sharing a written document that spells out why it’s important.

Another way to streamline implementation is to work with your distributors on the pricing and availability of any additional (or new) quantities you’ll need. For additional tips on making Meatless Monday a success, check out these foodservice implementation guides available at the official Meatless Monday website.


Preparation tips

Any Meatless Monday initiative is only as successful as the actual food items your kitchen is  preparing for it. The more appetizing those choices are, the more likely your customers will look forward to seeing what you have for them the following Monday (and every Monday after that). You can find many excellent ideas online, including a wide range of suggestions on the Beyond Meat site. 

When it comes to equipment, ventless cooking is a great choice for plant-based options because they don’t have the same ventilation requirements of meat-based proteins. In addition to lowering installation and operating costs, ventless ovens like Ovention’s Matchbox® 1718 also feature controls that allow staff to individually adjust time, temperature and blower speeds for each item. 

Thinking about providing more plant-based options on Mondays (or any other day of the week)? We’re ready and eager to help you do whatever it takes to “meet” that demand, including providing you with specific tips on how to make the most of vegan cuisine. Happy Mondays!

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