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Q’s You Can Use When Talking to Equipment Suppliers

September 13, 2019
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In business, success often depends on asking the right questions at the right time. This certainly holds true for the important conversations you need to have with your equipment vendors. Ask the best possible questions and you’ll have a better chance of getting equipment that meets and exceeds both your immediate and long-term c-store needs.


To help, we’ve compiled a list of important questions to ask on four specific topics: quality, looks, profitability and support. The answers you receive could make all the difference between getting products that fall short of expectations and options that put you on a path to greater profitability. 


Topic #1: Quality commitment.

Anyone can make a quality claim. Frankly, it’s an overused word that isn’t always backed with tangible proof. Consider asking these questions to get beyond the rhetoric: 

Since the rigors of everyday use in c-stores differ from other applications, how is this equipment specifically designed and built to perform in the most demanding of environments?
What specific features make this equipment commercial-grade and c-store ready?
How do those features translate to bottom-line benefits for the store?
What track record does this piece of equipment have in real-world c-store conditions?
Is the equipment UL-certified and/or come with other third-party verification of quality?


Topic #2: Physical properties.

After assessing the overall quality of the piece of equipment under review, ask these questions to determine if the equipment also has the most-beneficial physical characteristics:

What about the construction of this equipment makes it more durable than others that could be considered?
Does this equipment’s overall footprint help make the most of every square inch within the store?
Does the equipment offer anything to make installation more flexible, such as ventless technology in ovens? 
Does it offer features that make it a realistic option for use in the middle or front of the house?
What physical characteristics does the equipment provide to increase productivity and convenience?
How are these physical characteristics better than what can be found elsewhere?


Topic #3: Ultimate profitability.

Next, determine if the equipment you’re choosing has what it takes to deliver what you need most of all: profits. To do that, ask your equipment vendor these questions: 

What makes this piece of equipment more innovative than competitive options?
Can this equipment operate quickly enough to deliver in a timely manner?
What makes it more energy-efficient than competitive options?
In what ways does the equipment itself help cut down on costly waste?
Are there specific features that will help deliver consistent quality and higher yield?
Can it prepare two separate meals simultaneously or offer other features that make it more versatile?
How are these features better than what can be found elsewhere?
If applicable, does the equipment offer technological benefit, such as USB loading capabilities for ease of programming and sharing settings between different pieces of equipment?


Topic #4: Practical support.

After-sale service and support should always be a key consideration when it comes to equipment. To find out whether you can count on getting the service and support you need, when you need it, consider asking these questions:  

How established and respected is the company backing this product?
Are technical specifications clear and easy-to-understand?
How much information and answers to common questions can be found online?
What specific steps will need to be taken if service or support is needed?
How available is that service and support?
What’s the next step if issues persist?


Sometimes, asking that one extra question can make all the difference. We hope this list helps you find the right equipment for your unique business needs — equipment like our Double MiLO® oven, which bring unmatched quality, speed and consistency to cooking. We’re ready and eager to answer all your questions about this or any other Ovention product, so fire away!

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