3 Cs of a Winning Food and Beverage Strategy

The 3 C’s of a Winning Food and Beverage Strategy

February 11, 2020
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Everyone knows the expression “that person sure has a lot on their plate.” For you, it’s more than a figure of speech. It’s your life, day in and day out. 

And even though you love what you do for a living and wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s also important to remember how “the three Cs” can help you craft a distinctive, successful food and beverage strategy amid all that non-stop hustle and bustle.

Compete to be unique 

Everyone should be struggling to be the best, right? Not necessarily, according to Harvard competition expert, Michael Porter. 

His work details how the most successful organizations aren’t wasting valuable time and resources competing to become the so-called “best.” Instead, they’re engaged in a different sort of contest altogether: the competition to be unique. 

What do you offer that makes you one of a kind? How can you lean into that uniqueness to make it even more irresistible to your customers? This mindset frees both you and your staff to “play your own game” rather than worrying about what’s happening elsewhere. 

Customers must be heard

Obviously, it’s those who dine with you who ultimately decide what makes your establishment distinctive. Since there are more ways than ever to gather customer intelligence, be sure you’re making the most of it. 

For example, when you talk directly to customers, ask for specifics about what made their experience unique. What did you do well? What needs work? What would make them return? 

Online reviews can be another great resource for gathering insights. Don’t just look at how many stars or thumbs-up icons your establishment received. Study the actual comments and read between the lines to determine how you can improve your food and beverage strategy. 


Consistency for the win

Once you’ve gathered all that intelligence, it’s time to convert it into an actionable food and beverage strategy. Consistency is key here, both in how you communicate your plan to staff and how you’re equipping them to execute it day after day.

For example, when sharing with your staff, remember it’s never enough merely to inform them what your strategy is. Tell them why it’s the right one at the right time. And how you plan to give them all they need to deliver on that customer promise — every time. 

The equipment you choose can help. When your staff has the tools they need, both front and back of the house can deliver consistently excellent food and work together to ensure a winning dining experience. 

Are you competing to be the most unique version of you? Are you listening, really listening, to your customers? Are you doing everything you can to deliver consistently excellent dining experiences? If so, you’re well on your way to executing a winning food and beverage strategy. To learn more about how our equipment — particularly Ovention’s Matchbox® 1718 — can help, check out this handy product overview today. 

Or, looking for more great tips? We’ve got information on everything from futuristic restaurant trends to leadership advice, menu ideas, and more!

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