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What is Precision Impingement™ cooking technology?

June 17, 2020
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Consistency is key to success in the restaurant and foodservice industry. With consistency, you can build a regular client base and deliver on expectations every time.

Thomas Keller, American chef and restaurateur, said “consistency may be the most important factor in any restaurant’s success.”

What did Keller attribute to achieving consistency? Precision heat, the “most important ingredient in cooking.”

Achieving precision heat and a controlled cooking environment in professional kitchens has led to many innovations in cooking technology, including: wood-fired and electric ovens, convection and induction ovens, as well as microwave and steam combination ovens.

But even these ovens failed to address the need to cook food faster, at scale, without sacrificing flavor and quality.

Impingement technology provides a solution.

In an impingement oven, an impingement nozzle blasts hot air on food, cooking it four times faster* than a conventional oven.

This concentrated air jet blasts through the cold air “halo” that typically lingers above food after it enters the oven. Without the cool “halo” of air, food cooks more quickly.

While traditional impingement ovens use a single-layer nozzle, Ovention’s Precision Impingement® technology uses a patented triple-layer nozzle design.

The triple-layer nozzle increases the velocity — and precision — of hot air on the food, which decreases cook time even more than its competitors and delivers consistent results.



Used in Matchbox, Shuttle and Conveyor ovens, Precision Impingement delivers precise heat and consistency through customized cook times, independent blower speeds and custom temperatures for each food item.

In fact, each oven can hold up to 1,000 unique cook settings.

Conveyor ovens may have a reputation for cooking the perfect pizza, but they can actually cook entire menus, including seafood, pasta, steaks, dessert and more.

Foodservice operations look to Ovention conveyor ovens to control food costs, reduce energy usage — by one third! — and diversify product offerings.

Smart conveyor ovens, such as the Ovention Conveyor, should feature ventless technology, user-friendly controls and a no-hood design to save precious kitchen space.

Innovations in the Matchbox 1718 and 1313 can flex internal temperatures up to 50 degrees from cook to cook, which allows you a wide range of product offerings without having to cool the oven. Compare the difference with a countertop conveyor oven.

Paired with Precision Impingement, these conveyor ovens are essential to restaurants seeking to achieve precision heat, consistent output, and increased food production — without losing flavor or food quality.

Learn more about Precision Impingement in the Ovention Conveyor, Ovention Shuttle® and Ovention Matchbox ovens or request a demo.
*Cooking instructions of Tombstone frozen pizza require about 15 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A Precision Impingement® oven can cook the same pizza in 3.5 minutes.

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