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3 Benefits of Impingement Cooking in C-store Operations

November 13, 2021
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The demand for fresh and tasty quick-serve or grab-n-go meals is at an all-time high. And with nearly two-thirds of consumers eating at a c-store at least once a week, convenience stores must find ways to execute on this growing trend. Enter: impingement technology. This oven technology is quickly becoming a must-have for c-stores everywhere. With it’s quick-heating and precision-cooking capabilities, impingement technology is “the way” c-store operations are delivering on quality, quantity, and consistency — every time. Let’s dig into the top three benefits impingement cooking can bring to your c-store operation. 
1. Guaranteed consistency
Consistency is central to customer satisfaction, making it the cornerstone of any great c-store operation. Before digging in their wallets, your guests want to know they’ll get the same great-tasting chicken with rice, pizza, or baked ziti as they did the week before. However, outdated, low-quality, or faulty equipment can turn what could have been a fabulous meal into a flop. 


So, what’s the solution? Impingement oven technology is the king of consistent heat control. It works by blasting precise heat directly on any food in its oven cavity. Some impingement ovens even offer programmable preset features. Presets allow you to input and digitally save multiple recipes into the unit itself. This way, with the push of a button, you’re guaranteed a consistent cook time, temperature, and blower speed for all your go-to recipes. Imagine, every menu item cooked to perfection — no matter who’s in the kitchen.
2. Fast-tracked cooking
Convenience stores are famous for their fast in-and-out nature. And your guests expect that this same quick convenience extends to your meal offerings. Using a special nozzle that forces heated air past the cold air “halo” that typically lingers above food as it enters the oven, impingement technology makes this expectation a reality. Its increased air velocity works to quickly cook each menu item four times faster than traditional commercial ovens. And for even faster, more precise cooking, look beyond the single-layer nozzle that’s found in traditional impingement ovens — and opt for a triple-layer nozzle design that blows even more concentrated hot air on the food it’s cooking.
3. Get more out the door
When word gets out that your c-store is creating amazing meals cooked to perfection, you’ll most likely need to increase your food production. But don’t worry, consistent heat control paired with faster cook times will allow your operation to crank out more food than ever before (without compromising quality). The increase in production may even allow your operation to expand your foodservice line to new and exciting foods that are sure to boost your bottom line.  
Ready for what’s ahead?
Ovention’s patented Precision Impingement® technology will help your c-store operation move into the future of foodservice and deliver on the latest foodservice trends. Looking for more on what the future of c-stores will bring? Take a look at our post: “The Top Four Food Trends Customers Want from C-Stores.”  Or ready to explore impingement cooking? Check out our lineup of impingement ovens today!

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