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3 Benefits of Impingement Cooking in Supermarket Operations

November 10, 2021
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Did you know that less than 14% of people cook because they enjoy it? In fact, most people want healthy, fresh food at a reasonable price — but without all the chopping, sauteing, steaming or baking. The aisles of grocery stores are filled with ingredients ready for home cooking. But, most shoppers that stroll their grocer’s lanes would rather run to your deli or quick-serve area and order a hot and tasty to-go meal. So, indulge them. Smart equipment with innovative features like impingement technology is one way to create a supermarket kitchen with unlimited opportunities for the tasty fare. Ready to learn more? This post will explore three incredible benefits of impingement cooking in supermarket operations today.

Consistent heat control
Consistency is crucial to keeping customers happy. There’s nothing worse than the expectation of a fantastic meal, only to have it fall flat because of low quality or faulty equipment. Impingement cooking provides the ultimate in consistency by quickly blasting precise heat directly on the food in the oven. In addition to the consistent heat control that comes with impingement technology, some oven models are even upping the ante by including programmable preset features. These preset furth aid consistency by allowing the operator to input multiple recipes into the oven (along with a set cook time, blower speed, and temperature) to ensure that programmed meals come out the same each and every time.

Faster cook times
Impingement cooking is synonymous with faster cook times. Truth is, this technology can cook food up to four times faster than most commercial ovens out there. This is because special nozzles within the oven push concentrated, heated air past the cold air “halo” that usually surrounds food in an oven. Some ovens offer even more in the speed department. For instance, Ovention ovens have a patented Precision Impingement® technology that uses a triple-layer nozzle rather than the traditional single-layer, increasing the velocity, precision, and cook speed even more. Quick-cooking tech is perfect for when your supermarket kitchen is in the throes of peak service, and you need to get quality food out to customers fast.

Increased food production
Faster cook times provide supermarkets with a pain-free way to keep pace with the high demands of customers. When operations are able to get more food out to the deli counter or grab-n-go areas, they can keep hungry shoppers satisfied and ready-made items flying off the shelves. Shoppers no longer have to wait around for their favorite pasta salad or pizza bar to be refreshed. They can grab what they want and be on their merry way. Plus, a fully stocked array of prepared foods will most certainly grab the attention of shoppers that didn’t know they needed that delicious-looking grab-n-go special until they saw it.

Rival the best
Every operation needs quality equipment to do the job right, and Precision Impingement® technology is just the ticket. An oven with this innovative technology will open up your supermarket menu to new offerings and amazing meals that rival the best restaurants in town. But before making any menu changes, do your homework — starting with our blog post, “What to Think About Before Changing Your Supermarket’s Menu.”

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