Ovention’s new Matchbox® M360 oven offers superior cooking control and unprecedented flexibility in a compact package
Ovention’s new Matchbox® M360 oven offers superior cooking control and unprecedented flexibility in a compact package
Apr 25, 2018

Milwaukee, WI (For Immediate Release)

The latest addition to Ovention’s highly successful Matchbox® line incorporates the benefits found in larger Ovention units in a size range that is ideal for convenience stores, independent retail outlets, sports bars and taverns, pizzerias, and “front of the house” operations.

Equipped with Ovention’s Precision Impingement™ technology, which combines heat and convection, Matchbox M360 delivers precise cooking times, temperatures, and independent blower speeds for up to 600 pre-programmed settings without the use of microwaves.

According to Steve Everett, Jr., Ovention general manager, “The new Matchbox M360 offers foodservice operators unprecedented flexibility. The one oven bakes, broils, cooks, grills, and roasts, and some operators have found that it can literally replace other appliances. The two cooking surfaces automatically load at the tap of a touchpad, and the auto-unload feature prevents overcooking.

“Because the cooking cavity is open only when food is entering or exiting, hot air escape is minimized. This results in less energy consumption and reduced HVAC costs.

“One of the most important features is the fact that the Matchbox M360, like all of our Ovention ovens, does not require venting. Operators who remodel their facility can easily move the oven to another location and save on expensive construction costs.”

Temperature control is assured with FlexTemp™, which increases or decreases the temperature by increments of 25°F. A USB menu upload capability, and the up to 600 pre-programmed cook settings, ensures that all menu items are properly cooked. Guesswork and extensive operator training are eliminated.

The new Matchbox M360 is available in two configurations: the M360-14 and the M360-12. Widths of the units are 33.2″ and 29.3″, respectively. For customer-visible installations, a selection of four colorful cover options, including red brick, grey stone, and ceramic, are available.

Steve Everett states, “A winner of the Kitchen Innovations 2015 Award, the Matchbox M360 series now makes revolutionary technology, flexibility, and economy available to fit the space requirements of advanced foodservice operators. We look forward to bringing them the opportunity to, as we say, ‘Cook food as it wants to be cooked.’”

For more information, contact your Ovention representative, or visit our website at www.OventionOvens.com.


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