Pro Tips for Managing Entry-Level Employees
Pro Tips for Managing Entry-Level Employees
Feb 11, 2020

They’re new and (hopefully) eager to learn. You’re running a million miles an hour and daunted by the challenge of giving entry-level workers the management attention they deserve and need. Not to worry. Armed with these pro tips, you can manage any entry-level employees successfully. 


Tip #1: Expect the unexpected

As a manager of entry-level employees, you need to be ready for two things: anything and everything. Since these workers are inexperienced about what it takes to thrive in a work setting, they’ll likely have more individual idiosyncrasies than you’re used to seeing in more seasoned employees.

Throughout training let them know you expect and encourage any questions, even ones that may seem basic. You’ll also want to be more mindful than ever to make training general instead of personal. Tell them “this is one way this has been done successfully in the past” rather than “Brandon, you need to do things the way everyone else has always done this.” This will make training feel less like an assessment of individual skills and more like a series of teachable moments. 


Tip #2: Encourage with an eye on retention

Business author Daniel Pink talks about autonomy, mastery and purpose as three key drivers for all employees. While it’s too soon to give entry-level workers autonomy and it’ll take time for them to master their crafts, you can give them a strong sense of purpose from day one.

Let your entry-level workers know that what they’re doing, no matter how seemingly trivial, is integral to your operation’s overall success. Employees with a strong sense of purpose are much less likely to bounce between jobs and more willing to do “above and beyond” tasks before having to be asked.


Tip #3: Equip them (literally) for success

There’s another relationship that can help entry-level employees succeed and that’s the one they have with the equipment they’ll be using daily. The right equipment can put them (and you) in a position to succeed. 

Ovention Matchbox® 1718, for example, requires very little training compared to a traditional conveyor oven. Its proprietary technology moves the cooking surface (and food) into the cavity at the touch of a button and automatically out of the cavity once the cook cycle has been completed. Plus, it saves operators four steps compared to a manual load oven, eliminating wasted staff time and simplifying use. 

Managing entry-level employees isn’t easy, but it can be rewarding. In fact, it can help give you a greater sense of purpose as you see them survive and thrive in their jobs. Accept the real challenge and embrace the potential chaos. The ultimate reward is huge.

Ovention Ovens Make It Easy
Shuttle® NEW 2600! 2000/1600/1200
Shuttle® NEW 2600! 2000/1600/1200

If you value precision and volume, Ovention has the perfect oven to fit your operation. The Shuttle sets the new standard for conveyor ovens everywhere. No other oven can operate as both a conveyor and a closed-cavity oven.

Matchbox® 1718/1313
Matchbox® 1718/1313

Cook a full menu of delicious offerings without an oven hood. The Ovention Matchbox 1718/1313 takes the traditional conveyor oven to a whole new level.

Conveyor 2600/2000/1400
Conveyor 2600/2000/1400

Simple, smart and the right fit for operators looking for a high-throughput conveyor oven. The Ovention Conveyor Oven is the most technologically elegant and operator-friendly conveyor on the market today.

Matchbox® M360 14/12
Matchbox® M360 14/12

Cook a full menu better, faster, and easier. The Ovention Matchbox M360 has Precision Impingement® technology, a unique cooking carousel, and a small footprint, making it the perfect fit for any operation.

Finishing F1400
Finishing F1400

Finish your plates with ease and precision with this robust IR finishing conveyor. Melt, sear, toast, and finish to perfection with this operator-friendly, quiet conveyor.

MiLO® Double/Single
MiLO® Double/Single

Revolutionary infusion of Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR) technologies. Independently controlled top and bottom cavities, each with its own interior light and control panel.


Introducing MiSA; Microwave Speed Assist. Higher quality, higher speed, smaller footprint.

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